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Safe Driving on Texas Roads

Texas is a big state filled with both large cities and small rural towns that present different types of driving requirements and challenges. Defensive driving overall is the most effective way of driving through the cities of Texas, as it can save drivers time and frustration caused by other drivers. Defensive drivers are more aware of their surroundings and take extra precautions in order to avoid accidents.

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving may seem to be a bad idea for those who are trying to quickly make it from one side of town to another, but it can be common sense when driving through a busy city. Respecting the right-of-way of other drivers while staying within the speed limit is a key aspect of defensive driving and are important parts of safe driving. Following all traffic laws is also important to avoid ending up in a courthouse, such as the one in Waxahachie.

Vehicle Breakdowns

Before driving, it is important to make sure the vehicle you’re using, whether it is your own personal vehicle or on loan from a friend or rental company, is in good condition to prevent accidents. If you notice a problem while driving, pull over or drive to a safe place where you can check your vehicle for malfunctions and safety hazards. Rest areas like the two just outside of Midlothian, Texas are good examples of places to do a vehicle check and to refresh yourself. However, if your vehicle does break down while driving, it is important to stay calm and try to pull your vehicle off of the road if possible.

Distressed Driving

It is advisable to avoid driving if you are stressed or under great emotional duress. Being tired, overworked, or stressed can decrease your awareness and cause an accident. Alcohol and some medications can also severely impair your awareness and increase the likelihood of an accident even more. I know a DUI lawyer near me who said that many people are still attempting to drive a vehicle after drinking alcohol or taking medications without reading the warning labels and eventually get into an accident or get arrested for DUI.

Putting Basic Common Sense Rules into Practice

The state of Texas is home to both large urban centers and small rural towns that offer a variety of assistance methods to help drivers both native to and visiting the state. The best way to drive as safe as possible in Texas is to inspect your vehicle for safe operation, don’t drive if you don’t feel you are not alert, obey all traffic laws, show driver courtesy to others, and check your route for rest stops and vehicle repair shops.